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4 ways your office could save money with new technology

4 ways your office could save money with new technology
19th August 2016

by Rummi Choudhury

For many businesses, the thought of upgrading or renewing IT technology sounds like an expensive, time-consuming headache. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Making the switch has never been easier and, as many offices quickly realise, a small change can equal big savings and even bigger boosts in productivity.

Here are just a few ways in which you could save time, money and effort with a technology refresh...

Make the switch to small business VoIP

Small business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) replaces the inflexibility of a traditional phone system by providing a communications solution that combines voice, data and video.

VoIP packages include features such as call forwarding and recording, voice mail, caller ID, text chat and more.

Not only are voice and data networks more secure that traditional options, long distance or other phone charges will be significantly reduced – excellent news if you deal with clients or colleagues around the world.

What's more, the ease of access to the network will mean your employees will be able to work remotely, allowing you to promote flexible working as a key employee benefit.

A survey by Time Wise in 2015 found that 14.1 million UK employees wanted more flexibility in their roles – something that new technology can help to you providT Go paperless

Banishing paper is not only better for the environment, but you save money through reductions in printing and storage costs, too.

Email is an essential tool if you're thinking of going paperless. You can send out invoices, receipts and even coupons or vouchers to customers through email – it can revolutionise your marketing, significantly cutting your costs.

Another option to consider is implementing mobile payment systems to replace traditional cash registers.

Embrace the cloud

Going paperless means you will still need storage, just of a digital kind. One of the main, and most obvious, uses of the cloud is for storage.

Storing data on the cloud saves operational storage cost and it is as secure as any physical data storage.

The cloud has additional benefits, too. Cloud technology can easily provide companies and individuals with access to other services such as analytics tools, customer service management tools, e-mail marketing, expense management and much more.

The file sharing and document access capabilities of the cloud also create the opportunity for collaboration on projects from different locations – perfect for businesses with multiple offices in different locations.

Choose multi-function tech

Over time, offices evolve and end up collecting – and storing – redundant equipment. How many old fax machines, copiers and printers are clogging up your cupboards? Many of today's devices combine several functions, enabling you to cut down on the amount of equipment you need to buy – now you can scan, copy and print from one device.

If you're looking to renew or upgrade your PCs, laptops, printers or accessories, Misco have some amazing money-saving offers available over the summer months. Check out the website today to see how much you could save.


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