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Considering giving employees a technology choice?

When it comes to employee satisfaction nothing beats offering a choice. And today, businesses large and small are experiencing productivity gains by changing-up their technology environments to give employees the computers and devices they really want to use.

Top reasons organisations are recruiting Macs to work.

It's simple. Employees love getting things done. Fast. That's why they love the Mac. And that's why more teams are requesting Macs at the office. Discover why today's winning organisations are recruiting Mac computers to work.

1. Fits into your network, while leveraging IT investments.

Mac systems integrate seamlessly into enterprise networks. The Mac has built-in support for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Distributed File System technology and Windows File Sharing protocols (CIFS/SMB), as well as Cisco and open standard VPN protocols and 802.1X authentication. This means employees don't have to deal with compatibility issues. And IT teams can leverage existing technology investments while safely deploying and managing the Mac.

2. Runs the applications you need.

Our business really can do it all on a Mac. The Mac runs Microsoft Office and iWork, Apple's productivity suite.2 It also runs a wide range of third-party business applications with native support for the Mac. The Mac supports business intelligence applications, so your mission-critical data can be mined from ERP and CRM databases like SAP, Oracle and Salesforce. And if your business depends on software that's not available for the Mac, you can install Windows on a Mac and then run the application.3

3. Works to safeguard your data - no extra charge.

The Mac has a multilayered system of defences that works to protect data, applications and services against malware. Built-in technologies such as FileVault 2 provide data-at-rest protection by encrypting the entire drive on your Mac. When it comes to software, Gatekeeper helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software. OS X also employs advanced security features, such as sandboxing, library randomisation and tagged downloads for runtime protection. And for protecting data in transit, the Mac offers an easy-to-use application-based firewall and VPN client - all at no extra charge.

4. Your employees love Mac.

Apple's popularity among students and consumers translates into a strong preference for the Mac among many employees. With Mac as an IT standard, your organisation may have an advantage when competing for top candidates who prefer the Mac. And when it comes to employee productivity, it's good to know that every Mac system is equipped with incredibly fast Intel processors and high-performance graphics. So whether on the road or in the office, your employees can access the power of the Mac.

5. Great support. Great value.

The Mac's renowned ease of use can also reduce support costs. Employees using a Mac tend to make fewer help desk calls, which means lower tech support costs.4 When you do need assistance, AppleCare offers businesses a wide range of flexible, award-winning and cost-effective support options. And when it comes to making a smart investment, the Mac typically has a great resale value, so you'll be saving across the board.5

6. Delivers rock-solid reliability.

What makes OS X such a powerful, secure and stable operating system is the technology behind it - a fully certified, rock-solid UNIX foundation. And because Apple designs the Mac and OS X to work together, a Mac is less susceptible to crashing and freezing. That means you have more time to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

How Misco can help you deliver Employee Choice.

Misco are able to help you create your own Employee Choice program and roll out across your organisation. This can be tailored to your requirements with flexibility from the products you want to offer to your staff, the way in which you roll out the program across your organisation, and ensuring that you have a predictable payment process using financing that fits you.

  • Consultation & Design of Program
  • Device, Accessories & AppleCare
  • Employee Choice Portal
  • HR and Finance Portal
  • Config, Imaging and Pre-delivery inspection
  • Deployment
  • Finance Package

CYOD Scheme

A Choose Your Own Device Scheme (CYOD) gives employees access to the latest tablet, laptop and mobile handset technology. With a dramatic increase in technology consumerisation a CYOD Scheme enables employers to give their employees access to the latest technology in the workplace, while reducing the direct costs normally associated with such high capital expenditure through a fully managed and tax efficient process.

Misco will work with your IT department to decide what technology is compatible with your internal systems so that the choice your employees have is an approved choice, removing the risk of non-compliant technology being used in the workplace.

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Employee Choice Scheme

Give your employees a fantastic benefit at no cost to your business.

An Employee Choice Scheme provides flexibility, choice and great savings against the high street. Delivered to your employees through a fully managed service, no advance payment is required and no credit checks are involved. Using salary sacrifice employees agree to give up a portion of their salary in return for the technology benefit and their gross salary is reduced to pay for their chosen package. In return employees will see a reduction in their tax and NIC and also benefit from corporate pricing and finance rates.

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Contact Dominic Chisholm, our Apple Technical Co-ordinator

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