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Define, deliver and transform the technology at the foundation of your business.

Why Misco Solutions

Our business is built on the relationships we build with you, our customers, and we truly believe that Misco Solutions can work with you to define, deliver and transform the technology that is now the foundation on which you do business.

With digitisation changing the way businesses consume technology, and with the constant need to innovate to remain relevant in the market place, it is never more important for new technology to deliver real measurable outcomes.

Misco has strategic relationships with established and emerging providers of technology and is proud of the fact that we are vendor agnostic, enabling us to deliver solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Our Solutions Practices

Our Solutions Practice has some of the best technologists in Europe, that can design and deliver large and complex solutions whether on premise or in the Cloud. We can help define your technology strategy and provide technical and business insight into where the market is heading.

Further information on our Solutions Practices is provided below, which hopefully can provide some valuable insight to why Misco has the capabilities to deliver real credible solutions.

Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

With the ever changing landscape of technology and businesses needing to sweat their assets and justify costs, customers are faced with technology and commercial decisions daily. With the emergence of the SDDC the reliance on the performance on the underlying compute, storage and network are no longer the concern as the performance and management has been de-coupled and moved into the software layer. SDDC not only enables businesses to work smarter and more agile but have the ability to scale their infrastructure with less complexity and cost.

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Business Continuity

Effective back-up and disaster recovery provision are now an essential part of any business plan. Being able to mitigate the risks of hardware, software and environmental failure is critical in all IT planning. Stark statistics show that failing to plan for unforeseen outages only affect companies’ profits, but can put the very existence of the business at significant risk.

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Desktop Transformation

End user computing and workspace have dominated the market it recent years with the users having far more say in the way IT is delivered within the business. Users want to be able to work from anywhere on any device with the look and feel of their office desktop. With mobility as part of the solution the workforce is now truly empowered to work in the most effective way possible and businesses have peace of mind with the security of their data.

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Enterprise networking & SDN

The network is becoming more and more complex with the demands from lines of business requiring IT departments to become more and more reactive and agile to their needs. The need to support this agility means that the management and configuration complexity must be reduced by using increased network automation and prescriptive configuration workflows.

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Firewalls, Vulnerability Management & Monitoring

It is becoming increasingly evident that security threats and vulnerabilities are on the increase. With the rapid adoption of new technologies and a mobile workforce, the exposure to these potential threats is even greater. Having an end to end security strategy is vitally important to every business and must be considered as part of every project.

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Identity & Access Solutions

As the workforce continues to become more mobile and the number of devices used to connect to the network continues to rise, the need to identify and control access to corporate resources and data becomes increasingly important. When a device connects to the network it is important to identify both the user and device by leveraging a context-aware identity management solution. Identity and Access solutions are key components to any security architecture.

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Unified Communications

As the workforce becomes more mobile a collaboration strategy become a necessity rather than a nice to have, and therefore legacy communications platforms are no longer capable of delivering the required functionality. To increase the productivity a collaboration platform must be available from anywhere and any device, however delivering this capability can be both challenging and complex.

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Video Conferencing

As workers collaborate it is important to maintain a personably and interactive experience and therefore video should be at the centre of any collaboration solution. The key requirement to any video solution is that the end user experience whether consumed from an immersive room based system or on a mobile device must remain the same. Video conferencing is now being used in every industry and due to the adoption of mobile devices and the need to work from multiple locations video must be a considered as part of any collaboration strategy.

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Digital Transformation

A number of organisations are in the midst of digital transformation projects whilst others do not yet fully realise the promise or the purpose of it. Digital transformation can often be mistaken for a pure technology play, and tensions between departmental teams as to what it is and who should drive it hinder digital shifts within many organisations. This not only puts them on a back foot against their competitors but can also make them less relevant to their customers and employees.

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Mobile Workspaces

Mobility is a source of competitive advantage for businesses of all forms and sizes, however for the vast majority of professionals, managing mobility across the enterprise is dramatically different than managing traditional IT and Communications. The added complexities of rapidly changing technologies and services, negotiating rate plans, managing inventory as well as considerations such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), have even the cutting edge organisations seeking outside knowledge and support.

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Digital Workspaces

Forward thinking organisations are seeking to capitalise on cloud technologies that support reduction in maintenance costs, break down business silos and foster a more productive and collaborative user experience. Integration with legacy systems and processes or fully migrating to these technologies, whilst taking into consideration governance, risk management and compliance, is at the top of any IT professional's agenda. However, a majority of external IT consultants and resellers cannot provide an unbiased view on the various platforms; nor can they support the implementation and integration of these technologies.

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Immersive Learning Workspaces

Emerging technologies challenge established processes in teaching and learning. Broadening access to education and, importantly, broadening access to technology in education is having a major impact across all curriculum areas. Misco can support Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) achieve their vision of delivering the next generation of collaboration in the learning environment.

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Mobile Workspaces for Education

Technologists within educational establishments are constantly tasked with introducing new and innovative technologies that aid teaching and learning, support one to one, or one to many, mobile device roll out schemes. All of this and managing diminishing budgets leads many administrators looking for outside support. However, a majority of external IT consultants and resellers cannot provide an unbiased view on the various platforms; nor can they support the implementation and integration of these technologies.

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Interactive Classroom Technology

Audio visual systems can greatly improve classroom collaboration, this could be bright, high resolution interactive displays that bring a new level of engagement to the classroom and encourage interactivity and better collaboration between students and educators, software that can gamifiy the learning experience or consultancy to help ensure any technology is deployed and adopted properly to avoid lost lesson time, all this contributes to creating an engaging and collaborative teaching environment.

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Interactive Meeting Spaces

Misco offers a range of meeting room technologies from simple large format displays to interactive video conferencing devices that allow local or dispersed groups to interactive and collaborative more effectively. These solutions could be tied up with existing back office solutions such as a unified communications solutions allowing the end user to work at their desk, move to meeting room and back again while the whole time using the same tools to minimising training requirements.

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Digital Signage

Misco’s range of cloud and on premise digital signage solutions enable users to achieve all these goals, our specialists offer a complete consultancy from recommending the appropriate screen technology, whether it’s a LED, video walls or OLED, to ensuring the back end infrastructure suits your environment and allows you to scale your solution as more screens and contributors are added.

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Software Asset Management

The average customer spends over 20% of their average IT budget on software, including renewals and maintenance, it is therefore important to have an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) in place. As well as the potential costs savings that can be achieved, software asset management also provides a mechanism to uncover and remove unlicensed or unapproved software making this an essential part of your IT planning and strategy.

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Information and Data Management

Information and data management (IDM) helps form policies, procedures, and best practices to ensure that your data is understandable, trustworthy, clearly visible and accessible to all that need it, optimised for your business or organisation. Effective IDM provides tools for planning, strategy data modelling, and valuable Business Intelligence. Positive outcomes include improved data quality and assurance, enabling information sharing and collaboration. Unlock your data and use it to drive tangible benefits from the insights it provides.

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Cloud Solution Provider

Businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud to provide greater efficiencies, scalability and resilience to their workloads and applications, all the leading software vendors are moving to a cloud first strategy, managed properly this transition should be risk free with minimum disruption to your business, it should also help you leverage the many benefits offered by moving your workloads and applications to the cloud.

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