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Misco No. : 178795
Manufacturer/No: HP INC / 133518-004
£26.95 Ex VAT
£32.34 Inc VAT
Availability: Please call 0800 038 8880 or Email salesdesk@misco.co.uk for latest Price & Availability
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Power supply filler (blank) - Fills an empty power supply slot to provide proper air flow for cooling

Compatible products:

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DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz APD
DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Australia
DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Europe
DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz France
DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Germany
DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Japan
DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz PRC
DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz UK
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DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz APD
DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Australia
DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Europe
DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz France
DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Germany
DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Japan
DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz PRC
DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz UK
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DRM with RAID 5 and snapshot
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Product Description Not Available
Rmkt AS ES40 6/500 Model1 1GB VMS
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Rmkt AS ES40 67/667 M1 OVMS 2GB
Rmkt ES40 68/833 M1 1GB OVMS
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StorageWorks EMA12000 Blue Bundle - 60Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 D14 - 50Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 D14 - 60Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 D14 Bundle - 50Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 D14 Bundle - 60Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 S10 - 50Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 S10 - 60Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 S14 - 50Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 S14 - 60Hz
StorageWorks EMA12000 S14 Bundle - 50Hz
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StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4214 CTO
StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4214R International
StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4214R Japan
StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4214R USA
StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4214T International
StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4214T Japan
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StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4254R Japan
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StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4314T Japan
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StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4354R International
StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4354R Japan
StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4354R USA
StorageWorks MA8000 Bundle - 50Hz
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StorageWorks MA8000 D14 - 50Hz - HSJ80
StorageWorks MA8000 D14 - 60Hz - HSJ80
StorageWorks NAS 2000s - External storage
Strgwks 4314 Tower Rmkt JBOD INTL
Strgwks Rmkt 4354 Rackable JBOD US
TaskSmart N2400
TaskSmart N2400 EURO
TaskSmart N2400-2TB
TaskSmart N2400-2TB EURO

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