iiyama Landing


No lesson or lecture is the same, neither are the spaces in which they are held. The 04 Series delivers total flexibility and continuity with our range of 65", 75", 86" and 98" format sizes, all deploying the same features, ensuring confidence, ease of use and uniformity in all rooms.

Use our room simulator to help you decide which size display will suit your classroom, teachers and students alike. Providing impact, engagement, and clarity for all environments.


Create a powerful, fully embedded solution by adding the Slot PC to any of the 04 Series displays and unlock the potential of the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise version providing unrivalled manageability and security to loT solutions.

Upload your favourite learning software licenses and continue to utilize all of the wonderful touch-centric applications you will find in Office applications like PowerPoint, Word, One Note, Excel, Interactive Whiteboard, 3D Paint etc., etc.


We know learning spaces can be totally different from one room to the next. Also, the needs of students and teachers can differ, so flexibility of the height of your classroom touchscreen is extremely important.

Mounting solutions from iiyama provide total flexibility for your users and for your spaces. Choose electric height adjustment for smooth, silent adaptable usage in fixed installations. If mobility of technology is key to your building, then the Floor Lift on Wheels would likely be the perfect solution for a modular, versatile way of working.


With an interactive display, teachers are more empowered in the classroom. It gives instant access to a huge and more varied choice of teaching tools and methods while the simplicity and reliability of the solution makes it easier than ever to work with the display.

Teachers and students can smoothly connect their devices (laptop, PC, or tablet) to the interactive display too, saving on connectivity issues and giving them more time to work as a class.

The teacher can also have privacy to work on future lessons utilizing their own device with any iiyama desktop monitor from our range.


With a strong focus on teamwork and participation in today's lesson plans, interactive large format displays promote development of student collaboration skills and allow flexibility in their approaches to projects together.

The software on the interactive displays allows teachers and students to work together on lesson materials. It enables effortless sharing of content and lesson notes, making it easier for the students to reproduce the material. Students can also share their work with the class on the display and receive feedback, boosting engagement in the learning process and increasing the student's confidence and participation.