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Why DrayTek?

  • Reliability and quality
  • 4G/LTE routers -broadband failover support
  • Vigor ACS Remote Management -standardise administration 2 Year Warranty standard –3/5 year options available via
  • VigorCare bolt-on
  • License free -no additional/hidden costs
  • UK Based Support -fast RMA process
  • Lifetime support of products -long-term support after EOL
  • Regular educational webinars

High Capacity Access Points

Whether in an office, school or hospitality venue where there are large numbers of devices, or several devices running bandwidth-intensive applications on your wireless network at the same time, take advantage of DrayTek's tri-band access point - VigorAP 1000C.

It has a second 5GHz band means there's more than enough capacity to get all devices and applications up to speed. Each band can handle a maximum 128 connected devices, for a grand total of 384 wireless clients.

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VigorAP-1000C VigorAP 1000C

Broadband Failover with 4G/LTE

Take advantage of 4G/LTE technology for high-speed data connections to add flexibility, mobility and convenience to your Internet connectivity network. DrayTek premium routers allow you to plug in off-the-shelf SIM cards, from all major mobile phone companies.

The DrayTek router and 3G/4G modem setup is ideal for:

  • Backup to your primary Internet feed (ADSL, cable etc.)
  • Providing lower cost broadband than a fixed line solution
  • Areas without fixed line broadband access
  • Temporary locations
  • Mobile homes
  • Locations on the move - coaches, trains
  • Fairgrounds & temporary exhibitions
  • Outdoor locations (the router and modem itself must be indoors!)
  • Disaster planning & Internet high availability

Mesh Wireless Solutions

Connect up to 8 DrayTek VigorAPs into a Mesh group, which self-organises links between each node to ensure the best possible speeds. Mesh Nodes further away will connect wirelessly to the nearest Mesh Node, up to 3 wireless 'hops' away.

Ideal for covering large buildings that are difficult to blanket with wireless coverage or extending coverage to places where it's tricky to install structured network cabling for a traditional wired Access Point. Add extra Mesh Nodes to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and expand coverage.

VigorAP-912C Dual Band, 802.11ac, .2Gbps Wireless performance More >
VigorAP 1000C Tri Band, 802.11ac support up to 384 devices More >
VigorAP 960C Dual Band, Wi-Fi 6, up to 1.8Gbps wireless performance More >
VigorAP 1060C Dual Band, Wi-Fi 6 up to 3.6Gbps Wireless performance More >
VigorAP 903 Dual Band, 802.11ac 5 LAN ports More >

IP Camera Management

ONVIF Camera & NVR Management - Provide a visual representation of configuration during setup - available on most DrayTek switches. Use the switch to be aware of cameras and NVR systems that are connected. Use the switch web user interface to see a visual topology of how and where cameras/NVRs are connected to each switch.

Other great features:

  • Automatic reboot of IP camera if the camera is not working/responding and send an email alert with image
  • Easily configure 3 protection mechanisms (IP Conflict, DHCP Conflict, ARP poisoning/spoofing) with IP Conflict Prevention tool.