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Barracuda Email Protection is an advanced tool that uses machine learning techniques to detect and neutralise email threats. It provides cutting-edge email gateway defences, API-driven inbox protection, and comprehensive web security to secure your organisation's communications.

With Barracuda, you can ensure the integrity of your data, avoid downtime, and protect your business from sophisticated cyber adversaries. Elevate your email security with Barracuda to stay ahead of potential threats.

Protect your business with Barracuda's top-rated email security. Stop all 13 threat types and stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Stay ahead of the game

Barracuda Email Protection uses machine learning to constantly evolve and stay ahead of all 13 email threat types. This ensures your business is always protected from the latest and most complex cyber-attacks.

Seamless integration

With Barracuda, you get comprehensive protection with email gateway defence, API-based inbox defence, and web security, all in one seamless solution. This means you don't have to worry about patchwork security systems or potential gaps in protection.

Peace of mind

In the unfortunate event that a threat does slip through, Barracuda's automated response and security awareness training will quickly identify and mitigate any potential damage. Data backup ensures you can recover quickly and easily from any attacks or lost data. Leave the worry behind and focus on growing your business with confidence.