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For more than 30 years DICOTA has stood for the highest quality, functionality and reliability. Today, this competence, passion and commitment is reflected in a wide range of laptop and tablet carrying solutions and accessories for hybrid working.

Since 1992, sustainability has been a top priority. Since the launch of DICOTA’s first collection produced from environmentally friendly material in 2010, they have been committed to improving our contribution to recycling by creating more products that are sustainable. They continue to focus on eco-friendliness and continue to expand sustainable carrying solutions in the years to come.


Currently over 95% of the full DICOTA range is made of recycled material and each product gives a new live to 6-45 PET bottles. Since the launch of the ECO Products, DICOTA has produced over 1 million carrying solutions out of recycled PET. While doing so we’ve been able to give a new live to over 12 million PET bottles (0.5l).

The extremely popular BASE collection offers much more than its name might suggest: Top quality, appealing functionality and comprehensive protection.

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The SCALE collection is designed to meet demanding budgets without compromising on quality, functionality or design. Invest in your next carrying solution with a clear conscience - the products of the SCALE collection are manufactured from recycled PET and are kind to the environment.

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The Eco SELECT collection is the result of years of experience in developing high-quality B2B carrying solutions. This series is based on durable, recycled materials and is consistently geared towards professional users who value functional details just as much as "that certain something" in design.

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The products from the PRO collection are, in a manner of speaking, the S-class from DICOTA – the best that the company has to offer. Based on 30 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of premium carrying solutions

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The brand new Eco CORE range from DICOTA fulfils exactly these requirements making it the perfect partner for environmentally conscious business users. The collection is made from recycled PET bottles and offers impressive high quality and clever functional features - all at an excellent price-performance ratio.

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The EcoMOTION collection in the range impresses with its simplicity and functionality. The design of the bags is ideal for an agile and sustainable lifestyle.

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Explore the full range of
charging solutions from DICOTA

Their charging and transport solutions are specially designed for educational establishments while offering numerous application possibilities for in-company training, courses, seminars and presentations.

Charging trolley
for tablets, ultrabooks or laptops

The compact and transportable charging trolley is suitable for charging up to tablets simultaneously with just one standard socket. With USB cables and LED indicators for the charging status included, it offers maximum flexibility and thus covers the interfaces of all common end devices.

Charging cabinets
for laptops or tablets

The stable and stationary cabinet enables up to 10 laptops or tablets to be charged simultaneously. An environmentally friendly UV-C lamp switches off automatically after five minutes of disinfection and ensures extremely hygienic surfaces without using chemicals.

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