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EPOS designs, manufactures, and sells high-end audio and video solutions for business professionals and gamers around the world

Based on decades of psychoacoustic research, EPOS designs audio and video solutions with unique algorithms and acoustics that provide the best conditions for the brain, enabling professional users to communicate and collaborate effectively with better concentration and less energy spent.


When Talk Matters

Whatever your line of business, clear and seamless communication is essential for excellence. And in a world where 40 percent* of professionals spend long durations on the phone, and where noisy and open work environments are the norm, this proves even more important. It's for this reason that our products are designed and crafted with superior materials that filter out unwanted noise, clarify speech and are fully compatible with all your devices and systems. So you get perfect communication, every single time.

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Work Your Way

Modern workplaces are evolving every day - becoming more mobile, more versatile, and more flexible - which is why for some, a personal headset is not just a preference but a necessity. The opportunity of hybrid work is one that everyone agrees on with 79 percent* of end users reporting that they see the benefits of premium audio in the workplace, including time savings, cost savings and the freedom to work anywhere. Whether in the office, open workspace, at home or on the go, we offer best-in-class audio quality that can adapt to any situation.



Video Conferencing

Connecting colleagues is a major challenge of today's hybrid workplace. With the EXPAND Line, we've raised the bar when it comes to teamwork. Both our video conferencing solutions and speakerphones help you seamlessly and instantly set up conference calls with superior audio.

Designed for personal and shared use, at the office, and on the go, the EXPAND Line gives you the freedom to turn any space into a hassle-free virtual meeting room, anywhere in the world