The Fortinet Security Fabric Platform

The Fortinet Security Fabric platform provides true integration and automation across an organisation’s entire security infrastructure. It delivers unparalleled protection and visibility to every network segment, device, and appliance, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premises.


Ransomware Protection - Stop Ransomware and Phishing with the Fortinet Security Fabric

  • Prevent phishing with FortiMail

    FortiMail brings powerful antispam and anti-malware capabilities complemented by advanced techniques like outbreak protection, content disarm and reconstruction, sandbox analysis, and impersonation detection.

  • Stop users from traveling to malicious URLs with FortiGuard Web Filtering

    The FortiGuard Web Filtering Service enhances the core web filtering capabilities of FortiGate NGFWs by sorting billions of webpages into a wide range of categories that users can allow or block.

  • Detect and respond to malware before it can launch with FortiEDR

    FortiEDR real-time endpoint security solutions proactively reduce the attack surface, and protect endpoint devices using machine learning anti-malware and behavior-based detection technology. Customizable playbooks automate responses and remediation procedures.


Endpoint Detection and Response – Real-Time Endpoint Protection, Detection and Automated Response with FortiEDR

  • FortiEDR delivers real-time, automated endpoint protection, with an orchestrated incident response capability, across any communication device. It protects workstations and servers, as well as manufacturing and OT systems — all in a single integrated platform. FortiEDR provides:-

  • Real-Time Proactive Risk Mitigation & IoT Security.

    Enables proactive reduction of the attack surface, including vulnerability assessment and proactive risk mitigation-based policies that enable communication controls of any discovered application with vulnerabilities.

  • Pre-Infection Protection - Provides the first layer of defense via a custom- built, kernel-level Next Generation machine-learning-based Anti-Virus (NGAV) engine that prevents infection from file-based malware.

  • Post-Infection Protection - FortiEDR is the only solution that detects and stops advanced attacks in real-time, even when the endpoint has been compromised. No breaches, no data loss, no problem.


Protect, control and integrate your endpoints with FortiClient

FortiClient integrates your endpoints into the fabric for early detection and prevention of advanced threats. Security events including zero-day malware, botnet detections, and vulnerabilities are reported in real-time.

By utilising the automation capabilities of FortiClient you can set policies to automatically quarantine suspicious or compromised endpoints in order to contain incidents and stem outbreaks.