This year has been far from "business as usual". Your organization has probably faced many challenges, including an accelerated move to flexible, remote working.

With so much change underway, it makes sense to take a fresh look at the spaces and places in which your users work, be it from a desk at home or in a coworking space or temporary office.

With Fujitsu Smart Workplace, you can create workplaces that adapt to new digital challenges and help your users to be even more productive anf creative, wherever they have their desks.

  • Equip staff with flexible mobile devices to perform any task and connect form anywhere.
  • Build an extended IT ecosystem with desktop devices that fit into tight spaces in users homes.

For people on the move

For many professionals, remote working means working form anywhere. So you'll want to offer them powerful mobile devices with office-grade performance and connectivity without the extra weight or adapters. The feather-light FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U9310X convertible with IntelR CoreTM i7 vProR processor, for example, deliver excellent performance and also features touch and pen input.

Explore the LIFEBOOK range

When desk is best

Even with dedicated desk space, users prefer an environment that keeps desks clean and clear. That means devices with a small footprint and as little cable clutter as possible - giving more room to think and be creative. Desk-based PCs also provide the option to store apps locally that cannot or should not be run in the dara center. The FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO G9010 with IntelR CoreTM i7 vProR processor offers advanced desktop-PC functionality in an ultracompact, space-saving design for a clutter-free desk. With optional fanless cooling, it is super silent at work.

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Bring it all together

Create complete work spaces with Fujitsu - with professional components that are designed to interact seamlessly. Fujitsu is your one-stop shop for headsets, keyboards and mice, port replicators with USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 connectors, and displays.

Fujitsu displays create a unique viewing experience in a range of sizes and resolutions, flat, ultrawide, and curved.


FUJITSU Display P27-9 TS QHD

This superior 27-inch widescreen display with Quad HD (2560 x 1440 resolution) is ideal for power-hungry professionals and Smart Workplace scenarios. Its near-bezel-free design creates an expansive viewing experience.


FUJITSU Display P34-9 US

Brilliant 3440 x 1440 resolution, curved widescreen, frameless design, and integrated port replicator. Because the display is so spacious, you can use it in place of two separate screens. Work seamlessly between your apps - and eliminate frames anf gaps between viewing areas.

Also check out the Elux portable device on a USB stick: the plug-and-play solution to create a secure home-office and remote-access environment with Fujitsu end-point devices.

Lead the trend with Fujitsu

Power your digital future with Fujitsu Smart Workplace solutions - and create the spaces for tomorrow's ideas! For more information, contact your Fujitsu partner.

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