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Fingerprint Reader

Kensington Lock Slot

Windows 10 Professional

3 Years Warranty

Infinity GeoBook Laptop

Built for business from the ground up, Infinity GeoBook is a 14-inch Full HD Windows 10 Pro laptop designed to combine performance, productivity, and security features in a lightweight, portable device. Plus, with a battery life up to 13 hours*, you’ll never get caught short on the move.

*This claim is made as a result of battery testing yielding results in excess of 13 hours.

Designed for professionals

Infinity GeoBook laptops are ready to go out of the box and feature essential security features and controls including a fingerprint reader for secure log-in, and a Kensington lock slot. Every device comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro offering enterprise-grade security options, powerful device management tools and enhanced productivity tools.

*The Windows 11 upgrade will be delivered to qualifying devices late 2021 into 2022. Timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware (see

Windows 10 Professional

2MP Webcam

802.11ac Wifi

Great Pricing

GeoBook 2E Laptop for Schools

GeoBook 2E is for learning, at any time in any place. A lightweight 12.5-inch design ensures easy portability for users of all ages while an Intel Quad or Dual Core processor, 4GB of RAM memory and 64GB of fast eMMC built-in storage provide the performance.

Specialised for education, GeoBook 2E comes with Windows 10 Pro Education, reliable AC WiFi technology, a 2MP built-in webcam and dual microphones for optimal performance during remote teaching.

See & Be Seen, Hear & Be Heard

We understand that education is a two-way process and it is vital to ensure students and teachers can connect both visibly and audibly to share questions, answers and more. GeoBook 2E is equipped with a 2MP webcam, dual microphones, and dual speakers to help keep communication as clear and simple as possible.

Award Winning Success

Geo Computers growth and success over the last year led to Tactus Group Winning 2021 Microsoft Partner of the year.

3 Years warranty supported by MendIT

We are proud to provide a 3 year warranty supported by industry specialists MendIT.

MendIT keep you connected and if the worst happens, minimise the downtime of your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

About Geo Computers

Geo Computers is a UK based device brand, Microsoft Partner, and part of Tactus Group.

We build devices designed for your every day, whether that’s work, study or play.