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The Pixel 8a is an affordable device
built with your business in mind.

Pixel is built with both businesses and AI at its centre, providing you with the productivity, security and support features that your business needs. The Pixel 8a has the premium features and technology that let you and your team do more without breaking the bank.

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AI that caters to your business
and its existing workflows.

Help making calls. And avoiding them.

Al built for your business. Pixel caters to your business with tailored features like Pixel Call Assist1 and Google Assistant2

Search documents and enhance images in an instant.

With Google Al on the Pixel 8a, you and your team can enhance photos and search everything needed for your day-to-day.3

Premium performance at an affordable price.

Security that you can depend on.

With the custom-built Google Tensor G3 processor and the certified Titan M2 security chip, the Pixel 8a is an affordable smartphone built to help keep your business' data safe.4

A device as resilient as your team.

With your new Pixel 8a, you'll receive the latest OS and security updates for seven years, plus new and upgraded features every few months with Feature Drops.5

Manage personal and corporate profiles.

Create OS-level separation between personal and company data. Your team's corporate data won't interact with their personal applications, so you can keep track of business transactions and help ensure your organisation stays secure.

Switch over, don't start again.

Whether you're switching from Android or iOS, Pixel makes it easy to transfer your favourite things in a few steps.6

1 Not available in all countries or languages. See for details.

2 Not available in all languages or countries. See for details.

3 Requires internet connection and compatible apps and surfaces. Results may vary depending on visual matches.

4 Common Criteria certification for hardware and cryptographic library. See for details.

5 Pixel updates for seven years from when the device first became available from the Google Store in the UK. See for more information.

6 Some third-party apps and data may not be transferred automatically. Visit for information.