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In the era of heightened environmental awareness, the push towards reducing carbon footprints and embracing sustainable practices has never been stronger. IIYAMA, a pioneer in the industry, has risen to the challenge with its range of sustainable monitors, marrying high-tech performance with environmental responsibility.

IIYAMA's sustainable monitors are available in various sizes, also with height adjustable stand, ensuring a perfect fit for every space and requirement. From the compact 24" models, ideal for tight workspaces, to the expansive 27" displays designed for immersive viewing experiences, IIYAMA caters to all.

Uncompromised Energy Efficiency

One of the standout features of IIYAMA's sustainable monitors is their B energy class rating. This rating signifies a commitment to power efficiency, reducing electricity usage and operational costs. However, this efficiency does not detract from their performance. IIYAMA's monitors deliver vibrant visuals, accurate colours, and sharp images, enhancing any task or entertainment experience without compromising environmental values.

Prioritising Eye Safety and Comfort

Understanding the importance of user comfort, IIYAMA has integrated eye safety features into its eco-friendly range. With certifications like Eye Safe and Eye Comfort, these monitors minimise exposure to harmful blue light, allowing users to work, play, or watch content for extended periods. This focus on eye health further underscores IIYAMA's dedication to user-centric design.

Contributing to a Greener Future

The IIYAMA 63 SERIES Ultra Eco Design monitors are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and high-performing. They're made of 85% recycled plastics and shipped without plastic packaging, making them one of the most eco-friendly options available today.

Recognised Commitment to Sustainability

IIYAMA's dedication to green technology is validated by several certifications, including TCO Certified and EPEAT® Silver - the world's most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products. By choosing the IIYAMA 63 SERIES Ultra Eco Design monitors, you're not just purchasing a monitor but making a responsible, environmentally friendly decision.

As the world continues its quest for sustainability, selecting products like the IIYAMA 63 SERIES Ultra Eco Design monitors marks a significant stride towards a greener future. IIYAMA's unwavering commitment to combining sustainability with high-quality performance makes its eco-design monitors the ideal choice for anyone looking to make an environmentally responsible investment.

Explore IIYAMA's 63 SERIES Sustainable monitor collection for a greener future.