IPEVO TOTEM 360 Being Here.

360 Immersive Conference Camera + Speakerphone

IPEVO TOTEM 360 is a complete audio-visual solution, providing a seamlessly stitched 360° image from four cameras, sound from an all-around speaker, and capturing voices via an array of four beamforming microphones with Al noise reduction.

Four Beamforming Microphones

The microphones pick up sound from all directions and thanks to the beamforming technology are capable of determining the direction of the sound. This is used to track the active speakers.

Al Tracking and Framing

The onboard Al of TOTEM 360 tracks the presenter or meeting participants, keeping what matters the most in the focus of the shot.

360° Sound Diffusion Speaker

TOTEM's speaker spans all around its base and delivers sound in all directions evenly.

Al Noise Reduction

Filters out the background noise in your conference room, allowing undisturbed communication with nobody left out.


Al Beamforming Bluetooth Speakerphone

Speak with comfort and confidence. The design of IPEVO VOCAL effectively removes the common doubt factor that makes people bend over to speakerphones, unsure whether they are being heard.

Simply Place VOCAL Wherever You Need It

IPEVO VOCAL is wireless and battery-powered, so it can be instantly deployed in the meeting room where it's needed. Once turned on, it automatically pairs with the memorized Bluetooth device. Its 40-hour battery life belongs among the longest and makes VOCAL always ready for another meeting.

360° Sound Coverage

VOCAL's speaker covers a full circle around its base and thanks to its sound diffusion design distributes the sound evenly to each meeting participant.

Compatible With Everything

Plug and play compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoTo Meeting, Barco, and more -- on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

IPEVO VC-A10 Loud & Clear

IPEVO VC-A10 USB Portable Speakerphone

The IPEVO VC-A10 is a sleek, portable USB speakerphone with high-quality microphone and immersive speaker. It streamlines video conferencing setup, extending the computer, tablet PC and smartphone's audio range, and ensuring excellent audio performance in meetings.

Smooth Communication Through Perfect Sound Coverage

VC-A10 is equipped with 360-degree omnidirectional microphones and offers complete sound coverage from all angles. There's no need to crowd around the computer or raise the volume. Enjoy loud and clear sound, ensuring every participant can join the meeting comfortably.

Crystal-Clear Sound with intelliGo Al Chip & Dynamic Sound Tech

With the intelliGo Al chip, powered by machine learning with access to over 5 million data points, specially designed to minimize background noise and elevate voice clarity. But the true star of the show is IPEVO's Dynamic Sound Technology. It's a cutting-edge audio optimization and acoustic tuning marvel that pairs seamlessly with your VC-A10 for an unparalleled audio experience.