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Wireless video/audio extender

Wirelessly display content from a phone, tablet, or laptop onto a bigger screen with the ScreenCast 4K Wireless Display Adapter.

Industry-Leading Solutions for Every Workspace

j5create in Business

We offer solutions for every workspace environment, improving individual performance and team collaborations.

j5create in Healthcare

j5create offers solutions to help bridge the gap between doctors, nurses, staff, and patients for both in office and those telecommuting.

j5create in Education

We understand the importance of being versatile in today's classroom, which is why we offer the best solutions to enhance productivity. We've created bundles that are cost efficient and offer solutions for educating both in person and virtually.

j5create in Government

Here at j5create we don' t take success lightly. We take pride in providing military grade products that are designed to meet the highest standards in the industry throughout the world. j5create believes in commitment, dedication, and quality in every product and continues to exceed customer expectations in every way.