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In this digital age, safeguarding your data is not just necessary but critical. For companies utilizing Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), we offer Keepit, the ultimate backup solution.

Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365

Secure your data

Make your Microsoft 365 data immutable to ransomware and data loss.

Recover in minutes

Easily find any data across time and tenant, and quickly recover it.

Top-tier data coverage

Protect your data with the best and most granular coverage

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Backup and Recovery for Azure AD

Ensure disaster recovery protection

Extend your retention period and protect objects not covered by Microsoft's native retention.

Strengthen security

Protect policies - not just data - and get full traceability of changes to access and device management.

Improve IT efficiency

Selectively roll back changes and speed up troubleshooting.

Protect against day-to-day data loss

Rapid recovery of accidental deletions and changes.

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Why Choose Keepit Backup and Recovery Services?

Fully managed and hands-free - set it and forget it!

Enjoy automated backups without the need for constant oversight.

Zero data loss

With industry-leading retention policies and granular recovery, get back what you need, when you need it, without the fuss.

Universal Compatibility

whether it's emails, calendars, SharePoint, Teams, or Azure AD, we've got it all covered, under one umbrella.

Tamper-proof and encrypted

safeguard your data with state-of-the-art encryption and immutable storage systems.

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With threats multiplying, the need for a steadfast backup solution is of paramount importance. Here lies the prowess of Keepit. Drive the future of your organisation with the assurance that every piece of critical data, every document, and every record is backed up with meticulous precision. With Keepit, bid farewell to uncertainties and greet a new era of digital fortification.

Elevate your Data Defence.

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