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Al-Powered, New-School Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing

Blending AI with an expansive and interactive content library, Security Awareness Training delivers individualized security awareness training and simulated phishing to help users stay vigilant about social engineering threats.

Features and Capabilities

Quick and Easy Deployment

Our platform is easy to both deploy and use, enabling your organization to achieve rapid time-to-value and cost efficiency in security awareness operations.

Smart Groups

Smart Groups allows you to use individual employee behavior and user attributes to tailor unique simulated phishing campaigns, training assignments, remedial learning, and reporting.

Automated Administration

The management console offers simple and automated administration of security awareness programs and related workstreams, reducing resource and expertise requirements for your organization.

Advanced Reporting

Our Advanced Reporting feature offers over 60 built-in reports for training and phishing campaigns, as well as high-level overviews of your previous five campaigns. Create and deliver tailored executive-level reports to easily visualize progress and make data-driven decisions.

AI-Driven Testing and Training Recommendations

Leverage the power of AI to deliver personalized phishing awareness training and simulated phishing tests based on users's current understanding of security threats. These educational resources equip users with valuable knowledge that can help protect them from online attacks.

Custom Phishing Tests and Landing Pages

In addition to leveraging existing templates, you can customize scenarios based on personal information, creating targeted spear phishing campaigns. Each phishing template can contain its own custom landing page that can both phish for sensitive information and provide point-of-failure education.

Expansive Content Library

KnowBe4 has the world's largest library of always-fresh security awareness and compliance training content. Give your users access to interactive modules, videos, games, posters, newsletters, and more, available in over 34 languages.

Intelligence and Analytics

Our platform uses analytics to continuously assess user behaviors and monitor social engineering risk. This creates an active feedback loop that encourages your organization to drive improvements in employee security awareness and organizational security culture.

Real-Time Coaching in Response to Risky Security Behavior

SecurityCoach is the first real-time security coaching product that leverages Human Detection and Response (HDR) to help protect your organization's largest attack surface—your employees.

Features and Capabilities

Real-Time Coaching

Strengthen your organization's security culture by delivering immediate feedback to your users at the moment risky behavior occurs.

Built-In Detection Rules

Detection rules allow your IT and Security Operations teams to specify and customize exactly what types of risky behavior they want to track.

API-Based Vendor Integrations

Quickly and easily integrate SecurityCoach with your existing security stack to share alert data on detected user events that present risk to your organization. ers, and more, available in over 34 languages.

Dashboard and Detailed Reporting

Take a data-driven approach to quantifying and reducing human risk with a built-in dashboard that provides an overall summary of coaching campaigns, detection rules and detected security events.

Supercharge Your Anti-Phishing Defenses With PhishER Plus

Automatically block phishing threats that have bypassed your email security filters with crowdsourced threat intelligence and Al powered blocklisting.

Features and Capabilities

Global Blocklist for Microsoft 365

The Global Blocklist is similar to our existing private PhishER Blocklist feature, but powered by our unique crowdsourced threat feed to help your mail server prevent malicious or spam emails from reaching your users's inboxes.

Global PhishRIP for Microsoft 365

As threats are reported by other PhishER customers and validated by KnowBe4's Threat Research Lab, Global PhishRIP identifies and quarantines messages from your users's inboxes that match confirmed phishing threats.

Triple-Validated Phishing Threat Intelligence

PhishER Plus leverages a unique combination of user reports, machine learning analysis and human-curated threat intel to deliver advanced protection.

New-School Compliance Training to Overcome the Problem of Non-Compliance

Automatically block phishing threats that have bypassed your email security filters with crowdsourced threat intelligence and Al powered blocklisting.

Features and Capabilities

An Expansive Array of Engaging Content

Toss out boring, forgettable checkbox training and start delivering concise, memorable content that changes behavior and reduces risk. Our Compliance Plus training library includes 600+ items of fresh, engaging and regularly updated compliance training content.

Compliance & Regulations Training

Compliance Plus offers full coverage for legislative and data privacy requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and many others.

Learning Aids

Supplemental learning aids- such as newsletters, documents and posters- are all included. Short interactive modules help keep learners engaged and focused.

Customizable Content

With Compliance Plus, you can incorporate your organization's unique policies and procedures into our new-school, high-quality brandable modules and upload your SCORM-compliant training and video content to the KnowBe4 LMS.


When you combine the power of the KnowBe4 platform with Compliance Plus, you get completely automated compliance training campaigns with world-class support and extensive reporting.

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