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As a leading employer, you'll know that there is no 'new normal'. There's simply a workplace culture where listening to the needs of your team and customers is par for the course. Hard and fast rules on where to work are out.

As one, Lenovo with Microsoft and Intel® will help you build a productive work culture that works for everyone.

For everyone

As one, Lenovo, Microsoft and Intel®'s combined portfolio of solutions and accessories support whatever your workday demands.

  • Running data-heavy software in tight spaces? Lenovo's ThinkCentre Tiny can be mounted under a desk or mobile workstation.
  • Lenovo's ThinkPad laptops are put through rigorous stress tests in line with US Department of Defense standards. The results show that these devices are slow to fail, and can even withstand extreme temperatures, vibration shock and humidity.
  • From headsets with noise cancelling mics to wireless power banks, Lenovo Go accessories ensure that everyone can work their own way, regardless of what may be happening in the background.
  • Working as a team? Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint make it easy to collaborate on documents in real time, making group projects hiccup-free.
  • What about frontline teams? Microsoft offers a low-cost licence for frontline workers in the emergency services and mobile workforces.
  • Combining Microsoft 365 with Lenovo's robust devices like ThinkPhone means that emergency responders and essential workers can stay in touch with HQ, wherever the shift takes them.

For everywhere

As one, Lenovo's technology powered by Microsoft and Intel® supports inter-continental collaboration, so working with a colleague in another time zone is as easy as being in the same office.

  • Microsoft 365 apps like Teams and Teams Rooms make chatting, meeting, scheduling, and file-sharing simple. So you can continue to empower your people to log on from anywhere.
  • With Microsoft Teams, users also benefit from having one central place in the cloud to store and find files. This means hassle-free collaboration, thanks to Microsoft Office 365 compatibility.
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint automatically safeguards against spyware, providing routine, real-time protection against viruses so sensitive data can beshared across the world, worry-free.
  • Lenovo's ThinkSmart tech brings smarter conference room experiences for better collaboration from anywhere.
  • Want to work from anywhere with an in-person feel? ThinkSmart View Plus has an all-in-one collaboration bar that brings more natural, in-person experiences to virtual collaborations. Think premium audio, video, and whiteboard features.
  • Anywhere working means that background interference is inevitable. Voice Focus in Windows 11 will automatically remove unwanted audio in your calls, while an Al-enabled camera in Lenovo's ThinkPad X13, with Intel® Core™ i7 processor, helps you maintain focus on screen.
Microsoft Teams is the first choice in communication apps, with 270 million daily global users.

For every challenge

As one, Lenovo and Microsoft help you to spend less time on back-office admin, and more time on what matters.

  • Lenovo's Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) saves users hours in deploying and repairing devices. And with no large upfront sum, you don't have to wait for budget sign-off to get the latest updates.
  • Built in at the component level, ThinkShield has your supply chain security audits covered. With anti-tamper packaging, device wiping and secure recycling, ThinkShield protection spans the device lifecycle.
  • Windows 11 includes built-in anti-virus and anti-malware software with automatic updates, as hassle-free as any other Windows update.
  • Set it and forget it with Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which doesn't need manual configuration by busy IT teams.

Lead by example.

Take the next step in productivity with Lenovo and Microsoft, as one.

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