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Edge Computing and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Scale Computing brings together virtualisation, servers, storage, and backup/disaster recovery into a single solution. Highly automated with machine intelligence, Scale Computing HyperCore (SC//HyperCore) infrastructure is built to eliminate downtime and be easy to manage for any computing environment.


Ease of use and simplified management are what SC//HyperCore does best. SC//HyperCore and SC//Fleet Manager eliminate mundane management tasks, saving the valuable time of IT administrators to allow them to focus on innovation and improving business processes. The simplicity of SC//HyperCore directly impacts IT with higher productivity and lower costs.


One of the most challenging tasks for IT can be adding capacity to existing infrastructure. With SC//HyperCore, the simplicity of design and ease of use allow for seamless scaling. New appliances can be added into a running cluster seamlessly, within minutes, and without disruption to any running workloads.


Intelligent automation, redundancy, high availability, and resiliency are built into SC//HyperCore in every way, including the option of disaster recovery as a service. With SC//HyperCore, planned and unplanned downtime can be virtually eliminated, creating more confidence with customers both internal and external.

Edge Computing & Distributed Enterprise

Scale Computing customers who manage remote sites see the value in SC//HyperCore for both ease of use and low entry cost. The rapid deployment, self-healing, and remote web-based management capabilities mean that their remote sites can be managed more efficiently and with less cost.

Lowering Infrastructure TCO

SC//HyperCore was designed to reduce IT infrastructure costs in almost every way. Many of the hidden IT infrastructure costs such as unplanned downtime, management, maintenance, training, and consulting are virtually eliminated with SC//HyperCore. Other solutions that integrate multiple vendor solutions only add complexity which increases costs. We believe SC//HyperCore is a better way, and our customers agree.

Backup & High Availability

Features in SC//HyperCore provide more options to implement local, offsite, and cloud-based DR or to combine with third-party solutions. Customers know their VMs and data are protected.

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Scale Computing has validated our solution with VDI vendors allowing customers to implement VDI from the SMB to the enterprise.

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Scale Computing Platform

Scale Computing Platform brings simplicity, high availability, and scalability together, replacing the existing infrastructure and providing high availability for running VMs in a single, easy-to-manage platform.

Fleet Manager

Scale Computing Fleet Manager is the first cloud-hosted monitoring and management tool built for hyperconverged edge computing infrastructure at scale.

Zero Touch Provisioning with SC//Fleet Manager

Scale Computing introduces Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), which allows IT teams and integrators to quickly, easily, and remotely stage clusters for installation, providing the shortest time from pilot to production.

HyperCore Data Protection Suite

The built-in HyperCore Data Protection Suite can protect your critical applications, data, and workloads from disasters, small or large. Scale Computing Vice President of Product Management, Craig Theriac, explains how the built-in data protection suite can protect your critical applications, your data, and your workloads from disasters.

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