Misco 3M

For decades, 3M has been applying science and technology to deliver workspace, visual privacy and protection products. 3M remains a trusted brand today — continuing to improve its technology, features and breadth of product.


Why use a Privacy Filter?

Protect your on-screen data from visual hacking with 3M privacy screen filters for monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 70% of decision makers agree that visual hacking is a significant risk for an organisation like theirs. 3M’s innovative privacy filter technology prevents visual hackers from stealing sideways glances at your screen, while providing a crisp, clear view for intended users.

  • Advanced microlouvre technology blacks out unwanted side views
  • Maintain a clear, crisp, colour true image clarity
  • Available for most devices, brands and screen sizes
  • Help comply with the GDPR, as well as ISO27001
  • Multiple attachment options for monitors and laptops
  • Attaches easily and removes cleanly
  • Touch optimised options available to maintain the device’s interactive touchscreen features

Why use a 3M Privacy Filter?

When it comes to protecting your data, don’t compromise, use the best in class “black out” privacy filters from 3M.

  • 3M privacy filters are the most trusted brand in quality for 4 years running
  • Protection from just 30-degree either side for best in class security against Visual Hackers
  • Effective “black out” privacy from side angle views for total privacy rather than a blur / white out effect
  • The added benefit of a matte surface on some 3M filters help reduce glare while enhancing visual privacy

What devices do you create products for?

The 3M privacy and protection range covers laptops and desktop monitors in sizes from 10.1”-43”, plus various mobiles and tablets. The range also includes bespoke filters for numerous Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Google and HP devices.


How do I find the right filter for my device?

The quickest and most accurate way to find the correct filter for your device is by using the Privacy Product Selector Tool. Simply enter the make and model of your device and the tool with tell you which filters are compatible.


3M Black Privacy Filters

World-class "black out" filter keeps your personal and sensitive information protected from the side-views of prying eyes when you’re at the office or in public places like the airport and coffee shops.

3M Gold Privacy Filters

The highest level of clarity in 3M™ Privacy Products, so your information is protected in the office or in public places like airports and coffee shops. You see your screen clearly while people on either side see a vivid golden shield.

3M Black Privacy Filters for Touch Laptops

With improved touch sensitivity, our super slim privacy filters not only look great, but provide the performance you expect for your touchscreen device.


3M High Clarity Privacy Filters

3M High Clarity Privacy Products let you see your screen with incredible high-resolution clarity while prying eyes from the side see only a black screen. Help keep your private information private on your monitor or laptop without sacrificing screen clarity.

3M Framed privacy Filters

Easy to attach and remove from your monitor as needed. You get crisp image clarity on your screen, while visual hackers with side views are kept in the dark.

3M Mobile & Tablet Privacy Filters

Stay on the go, while helping keep your screen protected and your confidential texts, emails, calendars and alerts confidential.

3M Anti-Glare & Protection Filters

This amazing optical technology from 3M diffuses mirror-like reflections to keep what’s on your screen clear and visible.