Barco Trade In


Boost your business with the Barco Trade-in offer for ClickShare

Trade in your old CSM-1, CSC-1 or CSE-200 model and buy a brand new ClickShare device with a discount. You don’t have to do anything to recycle your old products, let us handle the recycling, and you even get a newer device at a very attractive price to upgrade your Clickshare experience. What’s not to like?

CSE-200 CSE-200+ CSE-800
Normal MSRP 1,490 GBP 1,920 GBP 3,360 GBP
From any CSM/CSC to 880 GBP 1,325 GBP 2,475 GBP
From CSE-200 x 1,325 GBP 2,475 GBP

Once you’ve experienced the ease-of-use and simplicity of ClickShare, you can’t imagine a meeting without.

What’s in it for you?

  • A brand-new unit at an attractive price
  • Benefit from all the new and improved features of the latest ClickShare generation
  • The familiar ClickShare simplicity and ease-of-use for all your employees and guests


… the perfect companion for your entire enterprise, one that will change the way your workplace runs. Buy the new CSE-200 and start showing off your new “gadget”:

  • Bring your own device

    Present your content with confidence from any device: fixed, portable or mobile. For both guests and employees!

  • Dressed to impress

    Get rid of all the devices, cables and clutter in your boardroom as well as your high TCO.

  • Leave an impression

    Stand out from your competitors with stunning video performance, and audio & video in perfect harmony.

  • Co-create, ideate and collaborate

    With a simple click of a button you will get all you need in your boardroom.

… a full collaboration toolset integrated into the award-winning ClickShare experience and improve your teams’ meeting productivity thanks to the CSE-200+:

  • Reap the rewards of increased productivity

    Annotation, blackboarding and Touch Back capabilities will enable true interactive meetings.

  • HDMI input

    No more need for costly complex switching equipment to integrate legacy equipment.

  • 4K resolution

    Share content in all detail on even the most advanced displays thanks to the 4K HDMI output.

...a top-notch boardroom solution with interactivity features, enhanced security and unparalleled usability. Meet our CSE-800:

  • Broaden your view

    Take full benefit of dual screen capabilities

  • See the details when it matters

    Compare and share with more than 4 persons at the same time, with 4K output.

  • Collaborate instead of converse

    Explore interactivity on your touch display and share the outcome of annotation and blackboarding in no time with all participants.

  • Discuss what really matters

    Keep the focus on your meeting. Take control whenever necessary, from any device, using build-in moderation.