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Whatever the size of your business, a managed print service (MPS) brings a host of practical and budget advantages.

We spoke to Brother about the cost-benefits of their MPS and the four ways it can cut costs for companies.

Maintenance taken care of

Fixing a malfunctioning printer or scanner can mean calling out an engineer or taking your device to a repair shop.

Either way, it will be offline and out of use until the issue is solved and you will be hit with a bill that can impact on your bottom line.

An MPS that’s tailored to your organisation includes automated, cloud-based maintenance support that can spot issues before you are even aware of them.

With Brother’s standard break and fix support, for example, you can register service requests through a dedicated portal.

If they can’t fix the problem remotely, they will despatch a Brother-accredited service agent for an on-site fix using genuine Brother parts.

What’s more, there’s no extra charge.

The latest hardware

New printers are more efficient than older models, which can break down more often, produce lower quality printouts and use poorly configured software that is no longer being updated.

With an MPS you have access to the latest printers, which will be well-maintained and install software updates automatically as soon as they are released.

And an MPS means no big upfront cost.

You agree a price-per-page for the length of your contract that includes the cost of leasing the hardware, as well as consumables like ink and toner, making it easier to manage your budget and cash-flow.

You’ll also benefit from frequent hardware upgrades and staff training on new devices.

Supplies delivered automatically

Do you have a storeroom packed with paper and print cartridges?

Or maybe you send a member of staff to your supplier every time you run out of stock?

Wouldn’t life be easier if your MPS connected all your devices to a central monitoring system that automatically arranged deliveries of replacement ink and toners when they are needed?

Not only does this make better use of economies of scale by allowing you to buy supplies at a discount, it also saves the cost and space needed to stockpile unused inventory.

No hidden time cost

Time spent fixing printer problems is time that could be spent more productively.

Buying and replacing ink and toner cartridges, installing software upgrades, maintaining devices and arranging repairs takes you away from more important work.

Your MPS audit will include plans to reduce the hidden waste of employees’ time incurred on print-related tasks, freeing them up to focus on strategic priorities, not day-to-day maintenance tasks.

Simply put, leaving the management of your print fleet to Brother frees up your time and employee resources.

Get in touch to find out how an MPS solution will benefit your business call 0800 368 9646 or email sales@misco.co.uk.