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Protect your business

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The Milab (Misco Innovation Lab) project brings together the technologies that we feel best embody our SCAS philosophy, enabling you to quickly and simply evolve your business.

Providing you with a view into the 'Art of the Possible' and an unprecedented level of 'hands on' access to industry leading technology solutions.

Benefit from our team's knowledge and experience as we work in full partnership to find the right solution for your business'current and future needs.

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Digital business demands are outpacing IT‘s ability to deliver at the speed required by the business, particularly when the data center is hardware-defined and limited to an on-premises silo. IT infrastructures based on a multi-cloud, Software-Defined Data Center architecture (SDDC) deliver greater responsiveness and agility into IT, creating a next generation data center foundation that’s more cost-efficient, resilient, and adaptable to changing business scenarios.

To avoid disparate IT infrastructure that increases in complexity as businesses grow, data center customers increasingly see multi-cloud, software-defined systems as the go-to-alternative. PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is a turnkey integrated system supporting all popular hypervisors that includes all the hardware and software to simplify deployment across a range of choices from private, public and edge cloud infrastructure. It combines high performance, energy efficient FUJITSU PRIMERGY standard x86 servers and the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform that delivers enterprise-ready services for compute, storage, networking, virtualization and security in combination with cost-effective lifecycle management capabilitie

Key benefits versus traditional infrastructure*

61% more efficient to deploy, manage, and support

97% fewer unplanned outages

60% reduction in cost of operations over five years

* IDC, Nutanix Delivering Strong Value as a Cost-Effective, Efficient, Scalable Platform for Enterprise Applications, August 2017

Transform confidently using PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Profit from Fujitsu’s vast experience in deploying cloud infrastructure projects. As a global technology and service provider running 100+ data centers worldwide, Fujitsu has over 30 years’ experience deploying and operating large data center infrastructures. If your organization is making the move to a multiple cloud deployment potentially spanning private cloud, public cloud and edge cloud, PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud will make it a success.


Get fast time to value

Mitigate risk with turnkey factory integrated delivery and automated start up and benefit from 61% time savings to deploy, manage, and support.

Protect your business

Ensure your data is secure with a system that meets the most demanding government and commercial security standards. Achieve peace of mind with built-in automated security monitoring and self-healing.

Increase network security

Get fully integrated physical and virtual networking and higher levels of security by leveraging micro-segmentation.

Enjoy high application performance

Get maximum performance with Fujitsu standard x86-servers delivering the most powerful virtualization platform leading 16 out of 21 VMmark benchmark categories.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Profit from hyper-converged infrastructure using local storage with multi-hypervisor support and reduce costs for maintaining a complex external SAN infrastructure.

Grow as you go

Get non-disruptive linear scalability for an endless number of systems, and an unlimited amount of raw storage.

Unify infrastructure management

Get a centralized view of both the physical and logical infrastructure across multiple nodes, clusters and clouds – from hardware device level to network topology to virtual machines.

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Built-in resiliency handles compute, storage, or network component failures – delivering 97% fewer unplanned outages.

More time for value-added activity

Remove focus on maintaining infrastructure and move valuable staff resources to activities that create business value.


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