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Fujitsu Primeflex

Building and managing data center infrastructure is increasingly complex, error-prone, time-consuming and expensive. FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX reduces risk, shortens time to value, increases operational efficiency and drives down cost.

  • Fast time to production
  • OPEX savings across complete system lifecycle
  • Easy scalability, built-in high-availability and simplified management
  • Simplified path to hybrid IT
  • Flexible service options and one-stop support

The do-it-yourself approach to data center infrastructure is fraught with challenges. Servers, storage, network components and software need to be selected from a myriad of options, procured and integrated. Moreover, extensive testing to guarantee compatibility requires deep knowledge of all components involved and their interdependencies on each other.

With PRIMEFLEX, Fujitsu provides a broad range of pre-defi ned, pre-integrated and pre-tested systems that take out complexity, increase operational effi ciency and speed up deployment of data center infrastructure. PRIMEFLEX covers key usage scenarios like virtualization and cloud deployments, SAP landscapes and analytics initiatives.

Get fast time to production

Mitigate risk with factory-integrated readyto- run systems or customizable reference architectures, freeing organizations from allocating valuable staff resources to time-consuming infrastructure deployment activities.

Benefit from significant faster time to market and reduced costs to stand up your data center infrastructure by eliminating complex processes around system design, procurement, test and configuration.

Grow as you go

Easily align your infrastructure to changing capacity and performance requirements. PRIMEFLEX systems allow you to start small and grow as demand increases.

They are designed to support vertical and horizontal scalability providing you with the choice to select the architecture that best fits to the specific scalability requirements of the application landscape they should support.

Enjoy outstanding flexibility and choice

Select from a broad range of options to fine-tune your data center infrastructure to your specific needs.

The Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX portfolio provides flexibility and choice in terms of architecture (converged and hyper-converged), storage (Fujitsu and NetApp), virtualization software and cloud management software (VMware, Microsoft and Nutanix) and licensing (OEM, resale or bring your own)

Protect your business

Save guard your business against a wide variety of failures – from a single component to an entire site.

All components in PRIMEFLEX systems feature extremely low annual failure rates. Select from a broad range of high-availability, disaster recovery and data protection options to provide the service levels your business requires.

Deploy cutting edge technology

Build your new data center infrastructure based on state-of-the-art technology giving you the performance and capacity headroom to extend your systems lifecycle and reduce migration cost.

PRIMEFLEX systems are built from best in class components, from Fujitsu or leading 3rd parties, and are optimally harmonized to best support a particular use case.

Reduce costs

Thanks to reduced deployment efforts, highly efficient management tools and a support offering that cares for the complete technology stack, PRIMEFLEX systems enable huge OPEX savings in every phase of the system lifecycle – from deployment to operations and maintenance.

Streamline management

Reduce management silos with FUJITSU Infrastructure Manager (ISM) enabling a converged lifecycle management across servers, storage, networking, and 3rd party devices. ISM allows you to gain actionable insights, re-assign workloads and re-direct network traffic to increase the responsiveness of your IT to the business. Benefit from 23 times faster troubleshooting, 70% reduced operating system installation time, 90% less time for firmware updates and 50% lower power consumption.

Simplify path to hybrid IT

PRIMEFLEX systems dramatically simplify the path to hybrid IT by integrating with major public cloud services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, allowing you to adopt the best mix of cloud and on-premises technologies that provide the most value for you and your digitalization journey. With Enterprise Service Catalog Manager (ESCM), Fujitsu provides a self-service portal to centrally manage the service catalog, lifecycle operations and user access for all IT services in a hybrid IT environment.

To find out more about PRIMEFLEX speak to your Account Manager or email sales@misco.co.uk