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Take your company’s protection to the next level:

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No Blind Spots, No Gaps, No Breaches

Adaptive Defense 360, the real protection experience that integrates the widest range of advanced Endpoint Protection (EPP) technologies with intelligent Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities, combined with our two unique features-as-a-service: Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Service.

This cloud-native solution unifies all the technologies and capabilities required to successfully protect your business, including endpoint prevention, detection, containment, and response. Take your company’s protection to the next level against both known and unknown threats.


Advanced Endpoint Protection

Full endpoint protection technology stack for complete prevention.


Behavioral Analytics

Contextualized behavior detections and in-memory anti-exploit.


Zero-Trust Application Service

Intelligent classification only permits trusted processes to run.


Threat Hunting Service

Analysis and investigation to ensure everything is under control.


Be Breach-Proof

Adaptive Defense brings all the technologies and capabilities you need to prevent and detect advanced threats, zero-day exploit, ransomware, phishing, in-memory exploits, and malware-free and fileless attacks, inside and outside the corporate network.

  • Advanced EPP, Intelligent EDR, Threat Hunting, and Zero-Trust approach so that nothing escapes your control.
  • The Zero-Trust Application Service monitors and prevents the execution of malicious applications and processes.
  • The Threat Hunting Service is an additional layer of analysis and investigation.
  • See the whole attack chain.
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Intelligent Security

Our data-fueled intelligence automatically monitors all the endpoint activity, detects suspicious behaviors, categorizes them, and provides attribution. All the technology, intelligence, and expertise unified to successfully block and respond to breaches, malware, and advanced threats.

  • Integrated Threat Intelligence
  • AI-Powered Endpoint Protection
  • Full endpoint activity visibility enables accurate classification
  • Eliminate guesswork to successfully respond to threats

Zero Trust Application Service

The Zero-Trust Application Service monitors and prevents the execution of malicious applications and processes on endpoints. For each execution, a classification -either malicious or legitimate- is generated automatically in real time.

  • Cloud-processed big data and multi-level machine learning, including deep learning.
  • Continuous supervision and automation by our analysts, hunters, and security experts.
  • Prevent the running of threats, zero-day malware, ransomware, and phishing.
  • Detect and block malicious activity in memory (exploits), protection-evading processes, and hacking techniques and procedures.

Reduce the Reaction Time

Restore thousands of endpoints to operation within hours thanks to the speed, capacity, flexibility, and scalability of AI and cloud processing.

  • Automate and reduce Detection and Exposure Time (Dwell Time) by preventing, detecting, and blocking any threat
  • Automate and reduce Response and Investigation Time, with automatic and transparent remediation
  • Actionable insights into attackers and their activity, speeding up forensic investigation
  • Reduce the attack surface, instantly improving the security posture