Protect Your Most Critical Data with Tape Storage

Quantum is well known for its long and illustrious history with tape libraries. As part of the LTO consortium, Quantum helps push the advancements in tape technology that enable organisations to cost-effectively keep data safe over the long term.

A Truly Offline Copy of Your Data

Tape storage is the most effective protection against ransomware, because it provides an offline, air gapped copy that can easily be restored. It’s your last line of defence simply because ransomware criminals can’t delete or encrypt what they can’t access over a network.

Immunise Your Data from Ransomware

We’d love to talk to you more about Quantum’s Active Vault technology that immunises data from Ransomware and other malware attacks. With Active Vault intelligent tape software you can now store content in an ultra-secure offline repository without any human intervention.

To help protect you against ransomware threats, Quantum have created pre-defined Ransomware Protection Packages with Active Vault for Scalar Tape Libraries – available at various capacity points, designed to be the most secure way to store your critical data, truly offline.

Active Vault

Creates an offline vault within the library, creating a secure “Ransomware-Free Zone.”

Pre-Configured Ransomware Package

Scalar® i3 can be customized to match your security and compliance requirements.

No Tape Handling

With Active Vault, an operator does not have to interact physically with the library.