Welcome to your best work life

Whether you’re solving your next big problem, brainstorming the next big idea or planning your next project, teamwork is key to reaching that next milestone. But today’s meeting environments present several digital barriers which can disrupt inspiring and engaging teamwork.

Introducing the Samsung Flip 2, an interactive display that simplifies teamwork without any hassle.

With the Flip 2, you can create freely thanks to a smooth pen-to-paper-like writing experience. Ideas flow through smooth collaboration with an intuitive user interface. And with a host of convenient features, presenting is easier and more flexible than ever so you and your team can share insights and expertise from any source.

Let’s Flip. Teamwork simplified.

Samsung Flip 2 55" WM55R


Samsung Flip 2 65" WM55R


Create freely

Samsung Flip allows you to enjoy a smooth, pen-to-paper-like writing experience, meaning you experience the next-generation digital flip chart like its real paper. Simply edit your annotation with a finger or palm swipe motion. Easily discover new ideas without using multiple sheets of paper. Create art at the stroke of a brush in water as well as oil painting modes. And for simultaneous interaction with your team members, up to four people can write at the same time on Flip screen.


Collaborate smoothly

Samsung Flip is a comprehensive solution, offering a variety of tools for creative and efficient collaboration. You and your team can directly edit images on the Flip roll t the simple click of a button. You can write on any background source with annotation layer to avoid affecting the original source. Scrolling through pages and navigating to any desired page is always smooth and quick for enhanced collaboration. And don’t forget to ensure all your hard work and ideas are kept safe with a password security system.

Present effortlessly

Samsung Flip enables effortless presentation, supported by innovative features. You can access any web browser directly, various types of documents and cloud services, in addition to control via a PC with no physical connection needed. When not being used, the Flip can be used as a message board showing a preselected screensaver such as a company logo or menu board, while touch lock removes editing access for controlled content presentation. These are all reinforced with UHD picture quality and flexible pivot functionality for an enhanced visual experience.