Misco Services

Misco Services

Misco has developed a range of services from beginning to end of the supply chain to ensure your experience is second to none.

Misco has dedicated Configuration and PDI departments that can help with your every need when deploying goods to your organisations site. These services are designed to take the cost out of your business, eliminate DOA’s, and save time and manpower. Most importantly you will have one bill from Misco. Misco Services are here to help with any of your requirements, so why not talk to your account manager today, alternatively call 0800 368 9646 or email sales@misco.co.uk

We look forwarding to helping you in the very near future.

Why choose Misco?

  • 14k units etched
  • 4000 hardware upgrades on client devices
  • 15k units asset tagged
  • 55k client devices imaged
  • 6000 units PDI


Configuration Services

Hardware InstallationsAdditional Memory, Hard Drives, Graphic Cards From additional memory to hard drives and graphic cards, Misco can provide a wide range of hardware upgrades on client devices. This service also allows you to eliminate faulty equipment and ensure you receive a plug and play product configured to your needs on arrival.
Software InstallationsOffice, Virus Protection Provide you with the pleasure of plug and play. Whether Microsoft Office installations or virus protection, Misco can offer a wide range of software upgrades on client devices, so they deliver exactly what your organisation needs, straight out of the box.
ReworkingBundling, Reboxing, Keyboard Removal, Sim Card Install The Misco rework service has been created to save time and remove complications for your business. Before units get to site we can undertake any work you need to be up and running as quickly as possible, be that adding screen protectors, removing excess packing, bundling items or installing Sim cards. We have the flexibility to build an ad hoc service tailored completely to your needs.
DOA testing / SOAK test on Server Misco’s pre-shipment services are invaluable for any business working at scale. Ranging from straightforward configurations, through to design and testing for the most complex projects, we can remove any stumbling blocks long before they become a problem. Services include hardware build, OS installation, enclosure build, DOA boot up testing and 24-hour soak testing. This ensures that you are ready to work from the moment you receive your goods.
Imaging Misco's configuration centre was designed with scalability in mind. We have the ability to image 120 units in unison. Our in-house deployment servers can push images to each node on our network. This can quickly be changed to accommodate bespoke customer builds such as Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), Servers or Systems Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) servers. The configuration centre enables you to have connectivity to build servers 24 hours a day, if required. Misco can install VPN access to a dedicated customer network or host a customer-supplied deployment server. Our image technicians will work closely with you to ensure that we can help deploy any image to your specific requirements.
Asset Tagging Our configuration team can asset tag just about anything. Time delays are avoided by the labelling and documenting of hardware before it arrives on site, so it can be deployed immediately upon arrival.
Laser Etching We run our own laser etching services, which can be used across a wide range of products. Customers can designate anything from company names and asset numbers to personal messages. This is particularly handy in schools and other public-sector organisations where a large amount of equipment can be accessed by a high number of users.
Till Systems Misco can conduct a wide variety of imaging on point of sale machines. This year, we have expanded this service to include Muira and EPOS till systems.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Setup/Fully Test Printer/Copier The Misco in-house PDI team fully assemble, setup and test ordered products at our dedicated facility. This includes: calibration; firmware updates; testing all trays and functions of the machine; plus, any peripherals that have been added. This not only reassures customers that your purchases will be fully working when delivered, but also saves you valuable time during installation.
Configure (IP Config, Change Host Name) In addition to fully testing the products, the Misco PDI team can also pre-configure printers before delivery. By inputting the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and Host name (if needed) during the PDI stage, we can help to ensure a quicker installation for the engineers onsite.
Asset Tagging Misco's PDI team can asset tag and label all products before they leave us, helping to remove the tedious time delays usually relating to the labelling and documenting of hardware once it arrives on site.
Bespoke PDI Working to your requirements In addition to standard PDI, the Misco team can take care of bespoke customer requirements, setting up as much of the machine as possible before it arrives onsite, saving both engineer and customer downtime.
Redundant Equipment Removal / Relocation We can work with our customers, simply relocating goods to another part of your facility, moving them to a different facility, or disposing of them in compliance with WEEE regulations, providing certifications where needed.
Machine Demo Invaluable for customers implementing new tech, and a popular specialist delivery option is product demonstration. Before leaving site, we will perform a simple demo of the new product to ensure you are comfortable using its basic functions. The demo typically includes simple menu overview, how to produce a simplex/duplex copy, and how to install toners/inks and jam locations. This can also be expanded upon, if required.
Onsite or Remote Engineer Options Misco's PDI service can also include onsite engineers or remote installations to fully network install the device once it arrives onsite.


DeliveryCurbside, Timed, Placement, Relocation Misco offers a next day delivery service with track and trace as standard. In addition, we have the ability to organise specialised deliveries, including timed, placement to desk, and relocation of goods.
Setup to Desk As well as standard next day delivery, Misco offer a desk-drop and setup service. Working to each customer’s needs, we will provide a detailed service requirement, organising a convenient time to deliver, unpack, setup and connect the new equipment to your new network. We understand every customer has different needs, with this service we aim to cater to them all.
Removal of Packaging The disposal of packaging is a growing problem, particularly for SMEs, where the receipt of any new goods can leave businesses overburdened with waste. Misco can remove all IT packaging from your site and ensure it is disposed of in the correct manner.
Onsite/Remote Engineers Misco's service can also include onsite engineers or remote installations to fully network install the device once they arrive onsite
Site Survey For businesses looking into the deployment and placement of IT goods, including oversized items, Misco can offer an onsite survey. Your logistical nightmares can become our chewy challenges. This gives you the chance to make sure that you invest in exactly the tech you need, without disappointment or compromise.


Removal of old equipment

Misco can organise the removal of all old IT kit in a safe and controlled manner. Following 5 simple steps:

  1. Agree a list of devices for collection
  2. Attend site with security cleared engineers, collect devices in secure containers
  3. Containers returned to central hub for data wiping and assessment
  4. Remarket, refurbish, or recycle items – tailored to customer requirements
  5. Detailed report delivered, along with data erasure and/or destruction certificates for each data bearing device processed
Grading for disposal Misco can offer an IT buyback scheme. The service provides a valuation of the redundant IT estate, based on current market conditions and grading of the equipment. This enables customers to plan budgets in advance and factor in the resale values before projects commence.
Wiping of hardware All IT product that is removed from a customer site will be data wiped using industry standard approved software, Blancco. The process includes data erasure, audit reports and certificates of destruction/ recycling.
Shredding of hardware (On and Offsite)

Our hard drive destruction and secure shredding service ensures that you keep information confidential and secure. As a standard service we offer an industry leading 11mm particles system. We also have the ability to shred to 6mm which is the standard for MOD.

This service is able to be offered off site as well as from our own location.