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T1A is a Danish refurbishing company that focuses on increasing the lifespan of end-of-use computers. You will find a wide range of products that fall in the following product categories: REZERTIF1ED+, REZERTIF1ED, T1A, BARGA1N+ and BARGA1N.
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Why choose T1A Refurbished computers?

  • High value for money
  • Backed by 3 ISO Certifications
  • Covered by a standard 2-year warranty
  • CSR and WEEE compliant
  • Pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

T1A process of refurbishment

1. initial product handling

Once the equipment reaches our facility, it goes through a process of registration, cleaning and sorting.

2. data erasure

The products undergo a GDPR compliant data erasure process that guarantees anonymization.

3. product classification

We determine the level of use. Based on that we classify laptops in five categories, REZERIF1ED+, REZERTIF1ED, T1A, BARGA1N+ and BARGA1N ,and desktops in: REZERTIF1ED+, REZERTIF1ED, and T1A.

4. Shipping

We prepare the devices for shipping. At this level we consider keyboard layout memory and storage capacity, cable standards (US, UK, EU etc.) and other adjustments. The devices are packed in sustainable boxes and then are sent to the customer for a new life.