Small teams to hundreds of users



Scale to thousands of users



Power users


HPE ProLiant

HPE Synergy

HPE Moonshot

Ready-to-go VDI

To meet the most urgent of needs, HPE has preconfigured, ready to go VDI solutions in stock and available immediately.

Designed for Citrix and VMware environments and built on HPE ProLiant servers, these HPE solutions are ideal to rapidly support small teams but scale out to support hundreds of knowledge workers, scaling one server at a time to exactly match your needs.

HPE Synergy

VDI Scalable solutions

For remote workplaces of 600 or more knowledge workers, HPE has VDI solutions built on the versatile HPE Synergy.

Architected to accommodate dynamic resource loads, HPE Synergy quickly and easily composes compute, storage and fabric resources through a single user interface to optimize configurations for vital workloads on VDI. This accelerates the speed of business, reduces operational complexity and keeps your workforce operating at optimal levels.

HPE Moonshot

When Peak Performance is Paramount

For the most demanding remote worker requirements, HPE offers bare-metal VDI on HPE Moonshot.

Designed for resource-intensive applications, each of the 45 independent but shareable server blades in the 4.3U Moonshot chassis has a dedicated CPU, GPU and NVMe SSD to deliver uncompromised performance and do so on 88% less power and at 79% lower cost than traditional platforms.

HPE Financial Services can help alleviate some of the strain felt by businesses around the globe as they navigate an uncertain business climate. From helping release capital from existing infrastructures, to deferring payments, and providing pre-owned tech to relieve capacity strain, HPEFS has the ability to help address some of the most pressing issues quickly.

Defer or Reduce Expense

Innovative financing structures to reduce cash outlays during uncertainty

Payment Deferral: Acquire now and pay later. Delay payments for 90 days to help ease budget strain

2020 Payment Relief Program: Reduced payments to get started and offset the financial commitment until next year.

Generate Cash From Assets

Over the last two years, HPEFS infused over $642M into client’s budgets

Accelerated Migration: Convert existing, owned IT assets into an incremental cash source while still retaining use of the systems.

Tech buyback: Empty your storage rooms and put money back in your pockets. Use excess, newer generation tech to help generate capital.

Match Payment To Use

Secure critical technology while aligning payments to deployment schedule

Extended Deployment: Need technology today, but budget cycles not aligned? This phased deployment program allows you to acquire tech with the ability to configure, test, and stand up systems before paying.

Our value


Adaptable to your needs with the ability to execute rapid changes to remote working practices


Strong relationships with all leading manufacturers for scalable, secure and rapid deployment of remote productivity solutions


Consumption models, financing and buybacks to reduce short-term expenses and generate cash

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