Discover how easy it is to migrate to Android.

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We get it. A lot is riding on making the right migration decisions. That's why we cover the topic from all angles in these must-see videos. Lean on our expertise to craft a solid plan to move forward.

Migration is easier than you think.

Take the path of least resistance with Zebra's services.

Migrate Ivanti® Terminal Emulation apps, powered by Wavelink, at your own pace with the MOM approach.

  • Migration: Transition to a native mode

    • Your telnet or web app presented on Android
    • Easy implementation
    • Industry standard protocols
  • Optimisation: Streamline workflow

    • Automated processes
    • Keyboards and scanning
    • Reduced training times
  • Modernisation: Go at your own speed

    • New HTML user interface
    • Emphasizes important data
    • Company branding and colors
    • A mix of modernised and native screens

Accelerate mobile projects with Zebra's Application Services

Let us transform legacy mobile apps (approx. timeline: a few months)

  • Enjoy functional parity
  • Optimise the user experience, while maintaining existing systems
  • Stay on green screen terminal emulation
  • Move to graphic user interface, at your own pace
  • Accelerate timelines, reduce costs, lower risks

Leave the rewriting to us (approx. timeline: 6-12 months depending on the application)

  • Optimise for the next generation
  • Create mobility road map strategy—future-proof apps and architecture
  • Boost productivity with modern workflow and user interface
  • Experience performance improvements with modern mobile architecture
  • Tighten security and control and simplify management with Mobility DNA