Eaton Trade-In Promotion

Swap your old UPS for a new UPS from Eaton and get exclusive benefits!

Can you imagine playing football with an empty, worn-out and dirty ball? When you kick it, it doesn't move, we don't know where it's going... It would be impossible to play with. On the other hand, with a new ball, it would have a good bounce, a good direction and speed. You could count on it to make passes and even to score goals.

The same applies to an old UPS. This can fail, cause problems, or leave to run when you need it most, leaving your equipment and unprotected fixtures.
But if you replace it with a new UPS, you can avoid all these problems with the renewed energy and reinforced protection, ensuring the continuity of your business!
Play with the winning team in power quality!

We make it easy for you to replace of your old UPS, regardless of brand, with a new Eaton 5SC, Eaton 5P, Eaton 5PX Gen2, Eaton 9SX or Eaton 9PX.

To ensure a winning move in your energy protection, check out the conditions of the campaign below:

• Upgrade a new UPS of equivalent or higher power than the old one
• Secure the goal with a 15% discount* (or an additional 2%* for registered partners Power Advantage) on the value of the UPS in the marked models
• If you want to do a hat-trick of advantages, extend your peace of mind with Distributed Services W+1/W+3 or Connected W+1/W+3 options. Enjoy an incredible 20%* discount (or a remarkable 22% discount* for registered partners Power Advantage) on selected Distributed Services or Connected SKUs.
• And as a true team, we can support with the collection and correct disposal of your old equipment.