Aruba ClearPass

How secure is your company’s network?

Identifying who and what connects to your network is a never-ending challenge. Take control with Aruba ClearPass for Zero Trust Security.

Find out why ClearPass is the right choice for your company.

Simplify network access and security with ClearPass products

Robust Network Access Control

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) provides robust network access control with granular role-based policies for authentication, authorization, continuous monitoring, and enforcement. Its highly interoperability feature helps customers to leverage their investment in earlier security products.

Automated BYOD provisioning and device compliance

With ClearPass Onboard, easily create and deploy BYOD workflows to authorise employees and contractors to use their devices on secure networks.

ClearPass OnGuard’s Advanced endpoint posture assessments can automatically remediate or quarantine endpoints that violate corporate security and compliance policies.

Customised visitor experience

It’s easy to implement secure guest access and create a customized web portal using your own brand. Leverage unique features such as sponsor approval, credential delivery or usage policies via email or text.

Secure wired access control

Make sure you secure those Ethernet ports behind IP desk phones and in conference rooms that are not using secure 802.1x.

CPPM Product features

Implement reliable network access control based on Zero Trust Security.

AI-powered visibility

ClearPass Policy Manager has built-in device discovery and profiling features that can be complemented with AI-powered ClearPass Device Insight or Aruba Central Client Insights.

Robust authentication

ClearPass authenticates the user or device identity against a wide variety of identity sources such as Microsoft AD, LDAP, ODBC-compliant SQL database, token servers, and internal databases.

Secure authorization

ClearPass provides authorization based on a user’s role, device type and role, authentication method, UEM attributes, device health, traffic patterns, location, and time of day.

Reliable policy enforcement

When a security compromise is detected ClearPass can be signalled to take a response action from a wide range of security, network, and IT sources.

Powerful integrations

ClearPass is a vendor-agnostic solution and seamlessly integrates with more than 140 security-based partner solutions to provide robust authorisation and enforcement.

SSO support

Single sign-on (SSO) support works with Ping, Okta, and other identity management tools to improve user experience of SAML 2.0-based applications.

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