Lift-and-shift to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, which combines the rich SQL Server surface area with the operational and financial benefits of an intelligent, fully managed PaaS service. Azure SQL Database Managed Instance offers just right solutions for all your data workloads along with flexible ways to save.

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is a turn key solution
for SQL Server in the cloud

Full surface area, just like on premises SQL Server

Always the highest version, while being backward compatible

Lift and shift from on premises with no application code change2

Data Migration Service migration tool enable minimum down time, massive scale migration

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is the
PaaS solution for support and performance

Machine Learning based performance and security

Intelligent Advisor and ML based, intelligent insights and recommendation based on root cause analysis
Auto-tuning from massive database insights tailored to specific database queries
Built-in High Availability out of the box with a 99.99% SLA
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enables data discovery & classification, vulnerability assessment, and advanced threat detection

Unmatched support for SQL Server

Support migration source back to SQL Server 2005 3
No more version upgrades 4 as everything is managed by Microsoft with new features engineered from the cloud every month
SLA at 99.99% for all deployment vs. AWS RDS at 99.95% under multi AZ only

Migrate your SQL Server workloads to the
cloud and start saving today


Alternatively email or call 0800 368 9646

1 Save up to 59% off AWS RDS with SQL Enterprise editions with SQL Database Managed Instance with Azure Hybrid Benefit Standard . P rice comparison dated 09/10/2018, and subject to change. Note: On Demand Prices for a D13 v2 VM. Pricing accessed on December 2017. US East 2. Comparable AWS VM is r3.2xlarge . AWS Prices based on US East (Virginia). Savings analysis assumes that customer is paying software assurance on SQL Server. Does not include SA for Windows Server as those co sts are fairly negligible --$164 per 2 core license for WS DC, and $23 for Standard (OLP, NL).
2 SSIS is available in PaaS under Azure Data Factory V2; SSAS can be ported to AAS as PaaS; SSRS can stay on Azure VM as laas
3 SQL Server 2005 with DB Compatibility Level 80 could be ported into SQL DB MI using Backup and Restore.
4 See QQL Database Compatibility Level FAQ for details on how Azure SQL DB, including MI, is able to decouple from versions of on premises SQL Server and maintain application as is.