Clevertouch Q4 Brand

Interactive Displays

Elevate the way you connect and collaborate. An interactive display combines high-quality advanced technology with a familiar user experience to enrich presentations, meetings, and lessons.

Innovation by design

With over a decade of innovation behind us, our multi-award-winning touchscreens are designed for ease of use, security, and adaptability. With sizes ranging from 65" to 98", PC or tablet-mode options, and a stunningly clear 4K resolution, all backed up with a five-year warranty and the lowest failure rate on the market, our range of interactive displays are the ideal choice, whatever your budget.


All the apps you need are included at no extra cost and with no ongoing subscriptions. Clevershare allows you to mirror content from your phone, laptop, or tablet onto the interactive display. CleverLive transforms your screen into a digital signage display, sharing dynamic content at timed intervals or when the screen is not in use. Cloud-based LYNX Whiteboard creates activities and presentations from multiple sources giving you the freedom to work from anywhere.


Discover the transformative power of IMPACT Lux, the first-ever interactive classroom displays to achieve Google Certification. Designed to elevate collaborative learning, this state-of-the-art display boasts 50 touchpoints, enabling multiple users to engage simultaneously. Prioritise hygiene with its advanced micro antibacterial glass and enjoy seamless integration with your favourite Google apps. Whether you're brainstorming, presenting, or teaching, the IMPACT Lux ensures crystal-clear audio with its front-facing speakers and subwoofers.

UX Pro

Powerful and feature-rich 4h touchscreen

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Designed by teachers, for teachers

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Simple and powerful, for maximum effect

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Dedicated Solution

CleverLive manufactures dedicated Digital Signage solutions that are ideal for both internal and customer-facing communications.

Complete Solution

Managed from a single-web-based cloud platform, the range includes Professional Displays, Free Standing Kiosks, Room Booking panels, Collaborative Whiteboards, and Interactive touch screens.


The PICO MK5 is a fully functional feature-rich digital signage media player designed to support everyday digital signage requirements so users can deliver engaging content to communicate with your targeted audience.

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The PRO-V4 is a powerful, versatile, and robust signage player ideal for organisations wanting to engage with their audience 24/7 or deploy dedicated timing of displays using the scheduled start-up and shut-down feature.

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CleverLive is the software platform that enables the creation, deployment, and management of content across one or multiple Clevertouch displays, no matter where they are in the world. Make changes in real-time or schedule into your calendar. Send emergency alerts at the touch of a button.


Using the innovative digital signage content management platform users can create wayfinding with directional signage for schools, libraries, corporate buildings, and any indoor or site-specific environment.

Commercial Displays

Delivering powerful brilliance with effortless control and advanced feature capabilities, these non-interactive displays push the boundaries of technology, capturing and engaging with audiences as your content is displayed quickly, easily, and professionally. Multifaceted feature-rich with in-built signage and non-touch meeting room capabilities.

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Room Booking

This room booking solution adds value to your organisation by improving meeting room booking efficiency. With a centrally managed platform that enables you to book from your desktop PC calendar or live at the source.

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How It Works

Connect, Create & Control


Connect your Media Player to your Digital Signage Display


Personalise and edit your screen template, alternatively design your own!


Send the finalised template to your screen(s)