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Welcome to the IIYAMA Brand Shop at Misco. We invite you to explore the full range of IIYAMA's innovative technology solutions specifically designed to enhance your visual experience
and productivity.

Whether you are looking for cutting-edge desktop monitors, interactive large format displays, touchscreens, digital signage displays, comprehensive solutions, unified communications tools, or accessories, IIYAMA offers high-quality products in each category to meet your every need.

Desktop Monitors


IIYAMA desktop monitors provide incomparable clarity and colour accuracy, making them ideal for professionals who demand exceptional picture quality and performance.

Shop Monitors

iiyama touchscreen



If you want to transform your interaction with digital content, IIYAMA’s responsive touchscreens are perfect for educational, retail, and professional settings, offering intuitive Touch technology for an engaging user experience.

Interactive Large Format Displays


IIYAMA's interactive large format displays combine crisp visuals with Touch-sensitive technology for elevating presentations and collaborations, making them ideal for educational and corporate environments.

iiyama large display
iiyama screen 86


The TE14 SERIES support conferencing configurations with its high-quality 8-array microphone and dual directional speakers. Its 500Hz Touch sensor has Dual Palm Rejection and Anti-Bacterial Pens for safety. Save notes and on-screen content to USB, 64GB memory, or a cloud drive. The Multi-Screen-Display feature links multiple screens and runs many applications for dual and triple display integration in large spaces.


The TE12 SERIES are not left behind; they come with two built-in front-facing speakers and include the Anti-Bacterial Pens. Share, stream, and edit content from any device directly on the screen and transform your team meetings or lessons into an easy, fast, and seamless interactive session with the included Wi-Fi module (OWM002), iiyama Share and EShare app.

iiyama TE75
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Digital Signage Display


Suppose you need to capture attention and effectively convey your message in public spaces. In that case, IIYAMA’s digital signage displays are designed for high visibility and are perfect for advertising, information dissemination, and entertainment.

Unified Communications

To facilitate better communication and collaboration in any workspace, IIYAMA offers unified communications solutions specifically designed to improve connectivity and productivity.


In addition to their range of products, IIYAMA also provides comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Whether you need solutions for digital signage, education, or corporate use, IIYAMA's tailored solutions are designed to enhance your operational efficiency.




Revolutionise your digital signage with iisignage2, IIYAMA's intuitive Content Management System (CMS) designed to create, manage, and deploy content effortlessly across your IIYAMA LFDs, remotely and safely.

iiWare 11

Elevate your interactive displays with iiWare 11, featuring a suit of applications, including a web browser, file manager, and cloud drive support, enabling efficient information sharing and collaboration. Boasting a new 4K Interface with User Profiles for simple login and access to your very own bespoke menu and Cloud Drives, your interactive displays become a highly personalised device within a busy hybrid environment for multiple users.

iiyama Share

The latest IIYAMA software solution offers Easily share, stream and edit content wireless from your device to your interactive display and vice versa. No need to install an additional app on the device you’re sending from. iiyama Share supports AirPlay, Chromecast and Miracast.


To complete your IIYAMA setup, we offer a range of accessories, including stands, mounts, and more, to enhance your viewing experience and ensure that our products perfectly suit your space and needs.

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